Technology in Courtroom

Via New Orleans Metro Real Time News, Paul Purpura in an article titled Video Coming to Gretna Courtroom reports that the 24th Judicial District’s 16 courtrooms are being equipped with $1.1 million in audio-visual equipment such as television displays, control monitors and digital video disc players to speed up trials and reduce overtime costs.

The article reads,

The way juries and judges view evidence during trials in the Jefferson Parish Courthouse is about to change, and lawyers and jurists will have to change with it.The system includes wall-mounted, 62-inch plasma televisions to display photographic, transcript or even physical evidence such as pistols for juries.


Each courtroom will have five monitors, including annotation monitors, which, for instance, will allow a witness to use a finger to mark on a photograph appearing on a monitor where he stood when he saw a crime. After the jury sees it, that image can be printed out by a clerk and filed into the case record, Murphy said.

Read the full article, it is worth it. What about all you attorneys out there, would you like to have technologically equipped courtrooms, so you don’t have to make multiple copies of all evidence for the jury? Would you like to present evidence digitally? Share your comments.

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