Tips To Write An Email

Email is one of the common ways to communicate with others; we write to our friends, family, colleagues, professors, supervisors, acquaintances, neighbors, teammates, classmates, roommates, employers, employees, or even people we don’t know at all. Here are some tips to draft an email that someone else will actually read. You can read the full stories including all the tips at the links bellow.

Some tips:

  • Delete Redundancies
  • Use numbers and specifics instead of adverbs and adjectives
  • Add missing context
  • Focus on the strongest argument
  • Delete off-topic material
  • Kill your favorites
  • Delete anything written in the heat of emotion
  • Shorten
  • Toss useless words
  • Last things first
  • Don’t BCC
  • Format
  • Paragraphs
  • Subject line is important – “Re: re: re:” – no good!
  • Be sensitive to language and culture
  • Set the right tone
  • Never try to resolve a dispute over an email
  • Always allow room to be corrected

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