DOJ Releases Bush Administration Memos Authorizing the Use of Torture

The Justice Dept. released these memos from the Office of Legal Counsel, written by ex-DOJ lawyers Jay Bybee and Steven Bradbury. In the DOJ press release Attorney General Eric Holder said, in part

“The President has halted the use of the interrogation techniques described in these opinions, and this administration has made clear from day one that it will not condone torture . . . We are disclosing these memos consistent with our commitment to the rule of law.”

The press release continues

Holder also stressed that intelligence community officials who acted reasonably and relied in good faith on authoritative legal advice from the Justice Department that their conduct was lawful, and conformed their conduct to that advice, would not face federal prosecutions for that conduct.

Jay Bybee is now a federal judge, appointed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals by George Bush.

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