Social Media Best Practice For Law Schools

Via WisBlawg, a post that features Social Media Law Student organization and their launch of a series called Social Media Best Practice for Law Schools, Part I, which “is the first in a series of posts about my adventures in pushing my law school to get real about social media,” Laura Bergus says.

Like other law students, I was told not to blog about law school and to be careful what I posted on that evil place called Facebook. About a month into law school I started following lawyers on Twitter and reading law blogs (a.k.a blawgs). As anyone reading this already knows, participating in Twitter and commenting on blawgs is a hugely beneficial way to meet people and learn about the field. I got pretty upset with my school, and blogged about it (against their advice, of course). As with many rants, I ended up feeling guilty for whining but not offering up any solutions to the problem. So, I emailed the Assistant Dean of my school and let him know how I felt.

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