Sleep Your Way Through Law School

Law is Cool strikes again; this post is brought to you by the same authors who wrote Speed Read Your Way Through Law School. And just to keep up with our latest format, it is yet another tip list of ten, titled Sleep Your Way Through Law School. According to a new study, napping is found to boost sophisticated memory and it helps to see the big picture. The following 10 tips can help you sleep better.
  • Reduce Screen Time Before Bed
  • Exercise to Enhance Sleep
  • Eat to Enhance Sleep
  • Mater the Power Nap
  • Avoid the Soul-Shattering Alarm Buzzer
  • Solve Problems in Your Sleep
  • Beat Insomnia with Visualization
  • Shortcut a Long Nap with the Clattering Spoon
  • Take a Caffeine Power Nap
  • Teach Yourself to Lucid Dreams

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