Legal Podcasts to Listen to!

Robert J. Ambrogi shares his opinion about legal profession and legal podcasts on Legal Technology Blog. He points out the inconsistency in publishing and short half-life of legal podcasting. Lawyers are too busy to do their own broadcasting. However, he says:

… for every podcast that turned off its mikes, others came along to fill the silence. As I surveyed the current crop of podcasts, I concluded that, within the legal field, podcasting remains alive and well.

And he recommends the following ten legal Podcasts to keep you informed:

  1. Legal Talk Network
  2. Conversations at Law – Hamlin University School of Law
  3. ABA Podcasts is a series of podcasts including ABA Litigation Podcasts, ABA CLE Podcasts, and ABA Book Briefs Podcasts
  4. University of Chicago Law School Podcasts posted on the Faculty Blog
  5. Law and Disorder Radio
  6. Out-Law Radio
  7. This Week In Law with Leo Laporte & Friends
  8. Hearsay Culture
  9. International Dispute Negotiations created by International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution
  10. New Jersey Law Blog by Stark&Stark; Attorneys at Law

Enjoy listening and let us know what podcasts you like to or would like to listen to.

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