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Welcome to the Pace Law Library blog. Our blog began in July 2009 and includes information about the Law Library and Library events, as well as information about legal writing and research, online legal resources, government documents, digital information, courts and new decisions, current news, and legal trends. Our original blog is here, which now serves as archives.

We include news on the successes of our advocacy teams, and a special section, Environmental Notes, that provides updates and news as well as substantive discussions in the areas of environmental, energy, land use, animal, natural resources, agricultural, and food law. Related legal research tips, techniques and environmental resources are also featured.

Enjoy reading, leave us a comment, or contact us to suggest announcements or topics for posting.

Meet Our Contributors

  • Errol Adams, Electronic Services Librarian & Adjunct Professor of Law
  • Alyson Carney, Interlibrary Loan & Public Services Coordinator
  • Vicky Gannon, Head of Collection Services & Adjunct Professor of Law
  • Deborah Heller, Environmental Law Librarian & Adjunct Professor of Law
  • Marie S. Newman, Library Director & Professor of Law
  • Cynthia Pittson, Head of Reference Services & Adjunct Professor of Law
  • Gail Whittemore, Special Collections Librarian & Adjunct Professor of Law

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