Congratulations to the Pace 2015 In Vino Veritas National Mock Trial Competition Team!

Our Congratulations go out to the Pace 2015 In Vino Veritas National Mock Trial Competition team that competed at the Fourth Annual Professor Bernie L. Segal National Mock Trial Competition: In Vino Veritas. The team competed at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California (October 22-25, 2015). The competition was established by the Golden Gate University Litigation Center. This year’s case file, Karlson v. Justice, involved a dispute between the Plaintiff, Kent Karlson, who filed a claim against the Defendant, Officer Steven Justice, for an unconstitutional arrest violation, conspiracy to violate Plaintiff’s Fourth Amendment Rights and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Cassandra Castellano (3L), Paul Cirner (3L), Brianne Cunningham (3L) and Michael Giordano (3L) represented Pace Law School at the competition. They were coached by Pace Law Professors Louis Fasulo and Keith Sullivan.

Cassandra and Paul represented the Defendant, Officer Justice, and Brianne and Michael represented the Plaintiff, Kent Karlson. In the first round, the Defendant’s team argued first against John Marshall School of Law. In the second round, the Plaintiff’s team argued against the University of Texas, where team member Brianne Cunningham received an Excellent Advocate Award for her performance!

The team and coaches were honored to represent Pace Law School in this national competition.

Congratulations to Cassandra, Paul, Brianne and Michael on their performance!

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