Pace I.P., Sports & Entertainment Law Forum

We are proud to announce the publication of a new online law forum–Pace I.P., Sports & Entertainment Law Forum (PIPSELF).  PIPSELF is the brainchild of four Pace Law students–Jennette Wiser, Kristin Luciano, Christopher Psihoules, and Caesar Lopez. 

Caesar, Kristin, Chris, and Jennette are dedicated to fostering a creative environment where professors, practitioners, students, and thinkers alike can freely exchange ideas related to emerging issues in the I.P., sports and entertainment law fields. 

The first issue of PIPSELF features four articles: 

PIPSELF is part of the School of Law collection in the Pace University Digital Commons.   In addition to PIPSELF, the Digital Commons hosts Faculty Publications, Dissertations & Theses, Pace Law Review, Pace Environmental Law Review, and Pace International Law Review

Congratulations to Caesar, Kristin, Chris, and Jenni on a job well done.

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