World Constitutions on HeinOnline

One of the latest additions to HeinOnline is a collection titled World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary & Historical Documents & Resources. The initial release includes the current constitution for every country (193 countries) and substantial constitutional histories for the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, and Colombia. Below is a screen shot of the new online library. It appears that current subscribers, which includes Pace users, have an automatic access to this incredible collection. HeinOnline points out that this collection is expected to grow and users are encouraged to contribute.

According to the release, each country includes:

  • The current constitution in its original language format, accompanies by at least one English translation
  • Links to commentaries and other relevant sources such as the World Fact Book, Annual Human Rights Reports, Country Studies
  • Direct links to specific chapters within the 800 classic constitutional books that discuss the country
  • Links to scholarly articles that discuss the constitutional and political development of the country
  • A bibliography of other select constitutional books about the constitutional development or the history of the government
  • Links to online sources such as the Portals of the World and the official government website for the country
I only checked out one constitution – Czech Republic – and was impressed. It includes the current constitution in Czech language (with diacritical marks) and in English, as well as the 2002 versions, commentaries and relevant sources, selected scholarly articles and bibliographies, and external links related to Czech Republic.

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