Keep It ‘Light’ While ‘Lawyering’

Via Legal Technology Blog, an article titled Nutmeg Lawyer Adds Spice to the Blawgosphere is about Adrian Baron, an attorney in New Britain, Conn., who writes rather amusing blog The Nutmeg Lawyer, a blawg discussing the trials & tribulations of law practice. Baron is a general practitioner and partner of Podorowsky, Thompson & Baron. He handles everything from criminal defense to real estate to family law and immigration. He really gets to experience the legal practice and he likes to blog about it. His blog has been highlighted by many other blawgs, including the ABA Journal Blog.

Baron says,

There are a lot of funny things going on in the legal world. I could’ve just as easily done a scholarly blog, but I don’t want to do homework every night.

While you are in law school, try not to turn into a complete jackass. Not only will you alienate your friends and family but you will eventually alienate those you will contact in your professional life. Jackass law students often turn into jackass lawyers. They are difficult to deal with and we tend to make fun of them in courthouse backrooms and on golf course fairways.

Take a look at his blog and some of the stories he has shared and enjoy!

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