Bar Associations on LinkedIn

LinkedIn? Have you heard of it yet? LinkedIn is, yet another, social networking tool that is currently used by over 35 million professionals exchanging information, ideas and opportunities. The difference is that this is more of a professional networking tool. One can sign up for a free account and post a resume, professional achievements, and goals. Potential employees look and find jobs, and get involved in new professional opportunities. Employers post jobs and look for future employees. It is a version of a ‘modern Rolodex’. LinkedIn markets itself as a service that allows you to:
  • stay informed about your contacts and industry
  • find the people & knowledge you need to achieve your goals
  • control your professional identity online
And of course, groups, associations, organizations, companies, and clubs don’t stay behind; they too have their own presence on LinkedIn. So, it comes at no surprise that Bar Associations are on LinkedIn as well. Via Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites, here is a list of International, National, State, and Local Bar Associations that are on LinkedIn. Stay or get connected and let us know what you think?!

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