Prof. B.J. Crawford Is Featured On Legal Theory Blog

Article titled The Third Wave’s Break From Feminism by professor Bridget J. Crawford, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development at the Pace University School of Law is featured on the Legal Theory Blog.

Janet Halley proves that third-wave feminism is wrong – wrongly described, that is. Young feminists in the United States tout a “third wave” of feminism that is hip, ironic and playful – the supposed opposite of the dour and strident “second wave” of 1970’s feminism. … “Feminism” is such mighty label that third-wave feminists want to remake it and Janet Halley wants to take a break from it. In spite of their different vocabulary, though, third-wave feminists and Janet Halley share similar goals and methods. Feminism has no use as a label — a theory, even — unless it yields to the complex realities of human experience. … This essay explores the goals that third-wave feminists and Janet Halley share.

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