The Weirdest Legal Cases of 2008

The Times Online features an article about the ten weirdest legal cases of 2008. Every week, Gary Slapper highlights bizarre legal disputes from around the world. This time, he lists some of the weirdest of this year.

Here is the short of the list, click here for the full article:

10. UK, workouts becoming intolerable to neighbors
9. US, a woman whose hair turned from blond to dark after using a coloring product sues L’Oreal
8. Greece, two residents of Lesbos, sued to get an exclusive right to call themselves Lesbians
7. Italy, identical twins are working one job to account for double-booking
6. Romania, legal action demanding a radio station to broadcast at least one positive news a day
5. Austria, Supreme Court is asked to rule that a chimpanzee is a person
4. US Florida, a teenager is arrested for wearing saggy pants – “fashion police”
3. Macedonia, a brown hair is accused of stealing honey
2. UK London, no parking fine car engine had to run to keep reptiles warm and awake
1. New Zealand, a nine-year-old girl with a name of “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii” was placed under guardianship after judge rules her name being a form of abuse

Read for yourself and share ‘funny’ or ‘weird’ cases you came across!

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