JDSupra & Facebook

Why waste precious time (that we all seem not to have enough of) to re-invent the wheel? JDSupra is a legal document sharing site where one can search or browse for the materials needed. Thousands of legal documents (court filings, decisions, forms, articles, alerts, newsletters, …) are submitted and shared by the professionals who created them (lawyers, law firms, public interest groups, academics, members of the legal community, …). The keyword search can be refined by jurisdiction (court, circuit, region), by type of filing and/or by subject matter.

JDSupra has also launched an application for Facebook. JD Supra Docs application connects the JD Supra and Facebook accounts and automatically streams the documents and professional information that is posted on JD Supra into a Facebook profile.

Any Facebook friend able to view your profile will be able to see your documents. Additionally, each time a newly posted document streams from JD Supra to Facebook, it appears in your activity “news feed.” JDSupra enables lawyers, law firms, and legal professionals to publish documents online. In order to use this application, you must first be publishing documents on JD Supra. You can join now and sign up here.

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